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Mini Curator Carb Museum Filter unit

The Mini Curator Carb Museum Filter unit is a small carbon and high-efficiency particulate filter with an integral fan and an alarm to detect malfunction.

It is usually used in a sealed or nearly-sealed cabinet where it recirculates the air and adsorbs pollutants which might have leaked in or which exude from items in the cabinet.

- 1 cfm carbon and high efficiency filter (~2 cubic metres per hour)
- for recirculating cabinets
- integral fan
- small size
- quiet operation
- 230V power at 3 Watts
- 90% life expectancy 4 years
- LED and sounder alarm detects failure of fan or filter leaks or power shortage
- Optional volt-free contact for remote alarm monitoring

Mini Curator Carb Museum Filter units are made in conjunction with Emcel Filters Ltd who also make larger units

Pressure switches

Alphaglen Laboratories is able to supply a range of inexpensive air differential pressure switches

- inexpensive - normally open and normally closed contacts
- ranges as low as 20Pa

System Time in Service

See also our
S-TIS modules for measuring system time-in-service (on the sensors page)

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Last update 22nd June 2004