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Air Velocity Transmitters
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AVX range of air velocity transmitters:

Alphaglen Laboratories manufactures its own patented duct mounted air velocity transmitter. This is a sensor for measuring airflow within the duct. This device is primarily intended for use in the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) industry.

AVX features:-
- Linear response - accuracy +/- 5%
- Temperature compensated (0-50C)
- Ranges 0-16m/s, 0-8m/s and 0-4m/s
- Choice of 0-10V (AVXv) or 4-20mA (AVXi) outputs
- Damped response typically 5 sec
- Microprocessor based
- Rugged construction for duct mounting
- Lower price than earlier version AVX
AVX data sheet (67K)

AVHT range of air velocity transmitters:

A low cost alternative to the AVX range suitable for many HVAC applications

AVHT features:-
- Linear response - accuracy +/- 8%
- Temperature compensated: accurate over the range 10-30C, usable 0-40C
- Ranges 0-16m/s, 0-8m/s and 0-4m/s
- Choice of 0-10V output
- Damped response typically 10 sec
- Microprocessor based
- Rugged construction for duct mounting
- Low cost
AVHT data sheet (73K)

Condensation detectors

Self contained Condensation detector

Alphaglen Laboratories' condensation detectors are small and self contained units designed to detect the onset of condensation. They are primarily intended for use in chilled beam air conditioning systems.


- Small size
- Sensor and driver circuit in same small enclosure
- Volt free output
- Two versions: normally open and normally closed
- Can be used in 4-20mA loop powered mode
- Supplied with mounting bracket and mounting strap
- Relay module
(VFCI module) available for driving large loads
Condensation detector data sheet (103K)

Water Leak Detector PCBs

DIN mounting Water detector module (230V version)

Alphaglen Laboratories' water detector PCBs are designed to detect water in conjunction with an external wire-pair or tape


- Relay output
- Adjustable for differing detection tapes
- low voltage AC stimulation of detection tape
- Hysteresis gives clean switching
- compatible with point water and rain detectors (see below)
- 24V AC or DC and 230VAC versions
Water detector data sheet (133K)

Point Water Sensor

Wall or skirting mounting Point water sensor

Alphaglen Laboratories' point water detector provides a convenient junction between a water detector PCB and two stainless pins which will pass a current if they touch a pool of water


- Stainless steel detection pins
- terminals inside enclosure
Point water sensor data sheet (111K)

Rain Detector

Roof mounting Rain detector

Alphaglen Laboratories' rain detector is designed to be used in conjunction with a water detector to detect rain


- Stainless construction
- Heater to prevent dew formation (invented by Alphaglen and copied elsewhere)
- Flying lead interface with standard Water detector
- Built in adjustable mounting
Rain detector data sheet (111K)

S-TIS - System Time in Service Units

How long has your filter system been running?

An S-TIS (pronounced "Ess tiss") is one of a range of units which record the total time a system (eg a filter system) has been running.


This self contained unit has a battery powered timer which is activated by the operating pressure of the target system


- LCD display
- 8 year battery life
- Key operated reset
- Timer is activated by pressure drop across system

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