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Relay Modules and Interface Modules...

DIN mounting

Interface modules are typically used to connect a controller to a sensor or an output. Some interface modules use relays as outputs and are used to control heavy loads. Others are used to process signals. We also include in this section a range of simple thermostatic controllers.

Relay modules
Other interface modules
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Relay Modules


Relay module 4-way

RM4 RM4 relay module RM4 data sheet (100K)

- Four relays controlled from a single 0-10V signal
- Binary, Stage and Sequence modes
- Any combination of relays energised in Binary mode
- Response time adjustable from 1s to 0.01s
- Hysteresis between stages
- Relay outputs link selectable Auto, On or Off
- DIN mounting
- 24V AC or DC

Relay module 8-way

RM8 RM8 relay module RM8 data sheet (140K)

- Eight relays controlled from one 0-10V signal
- two modes: Stage (zero to eight relays energised) and Sequence (one relay energised at a time)
- Hysteresis between stages
- Relay outputs link selectable Auto, On or Off
- DIN mounting
- 24V AC or DC

Volt Free Contact Interface - sometimes referred to as
Condensation Detector Interface

VFCI Volt Free Contact Interface module VFCI data sheet (67K)

- Single relay
- Sends signal through external switch and switches relay accordingly
- Used for increasing load controlled by contact
- Often used with Condensation detector
- DIN mounting
- 24V AC or DC

Other interface modules

Isolation modules Signal conditioning modules

Isolation Modules

IIM-I interface module
IIM data sheet (180K)
- Isolate controller input from sensor ground
- 0-10V floating output can source 20mA
- DIN mounting
- 24VAC powered
- Provides 24VDC power to sensor


- 4-20mA current loop input (0-20mA available)


- 0-10V input
- Divide by 2 input gives optional 0-5V output

Signal Conditioning Modules

Analogue Buffer Module

ABM4 ABM4 module ABM4 data sheet (104K)

- Generates 0-10V signals
- Reroutes signals from inputs to outputs in any combination
- Buffers signals to 4 x 20mA or not as required (link selectable)
- DIN mounting
- 24V AC or DC
- Supersedes our AOM4 unit

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